“Having spent almost 3 weeks at Long Tou Tai Chi School, located in the beautiful mountains of Yangshuo, it has been an amazing experience away from the fast paced life back home. Having never learnt Tai Chi before, Mei and Dazhu have been amazing teachers helping me understand the fundamentals including the flow of energy (Qi).My main purpose of the trip was unwind and relax. From the amazing and healthy food, to the mountainous view and quiet and calm atmosphere, I would definetely recommend Long Tou Tai Chi School to everyone!                         Thank you Mei and all the team at school for making my holiday truly amazing!”

Troy Callinan,  Australia


“Dear Mei, Da Zhu, Tom;  Thanks for the wonderful two weeks I had the privilege to spend at your school. Special thanks to Auntie for her cooking and the Chinese lessons. Although I am practicing Tai Chi for quite few years the visit was an eye opener to me to work harder on the basics. With the guidance of Mei and Da Zhu new foundation was laid down. I was amazed about their expertise and teaching skills. In such a short span of time I learned so much.  Besides Tai Chi I have enjoyed the fantastic family environment. I felt at home. I do hope this visit was the first and will be followed by many the coming years.  Please don’t hesitate to drop by if you are in the neighborhood.”

Laszlo, Hungary


“The perfect place to learn, practice and improve your Taichi & Qigong. Masters Mei & Dazhu really know how to transmit their knowledge, plus the school is very conducive and great to immerse yourself into the practice, surrounded by stunning views of the mountains and river.”

Guillermo Ruiz, Mexico


“Staying here has been truly amazing and a wonderful treat.  Watching the sun rise over the beautiful mountains of Yangshuo while having a cup of tea on my balcony, learning Tai Chi & Qigong from enthusiastic, resourceful and highly skilled teachers, enjoying an endless variety of delicious vegetarian meals with vegetables from the garden, staying in a very luxurious and tastefully furnished room with great beds and being cared for by a very friendly staff. I leave with pain in my heart and hope to come back soon.”

Martijntje Goudsmit, The Netherlands


“I am lost for words.  My experience here was so unreal.  Thank you Mei and Da Zhu for sharing your knowledge and endless patience.  Love u all.  Will be back next year.”

Anka What, Australia


“Well three months have gone very fast!  First the Yang 24, then Chen 18, and about half of the 74!  I hope to continue with my Tai Chi on it’s long journey!  Many thanks to all who make the school a wonderful stay!  The great lessons with Dazhu & Mei!  The great food!  Wonderful views!  I will miss everyone!”

Rich, UK


“Thank you all for an incredible experience.  We will treasure the time we have spent with you.  Hope to see you in Australia, where we can trade, Qigong lessons for Surf lessons!  Of course must mention the wonderful food!  Even worth visiting for this alone.  Till next time.”

Andy & Karen, Australia


“Thank you so much for a wonderful stay here!  I loved it.  Great teaching, beautiful location, delicious food, I couldn’t ask for more!  I hope to come back some day and stay for longer.”

Sinead, Ireland


“Thank you for a wonderful relaxing yet invigorating week.  Learning Tai Chi & Qigong from two such knowledgeable people was a great pleasure.  Mei you looked after me so kindly and generously and I very much appreciated your warmth and wisdom.  I very much hope to return.  Many Thanks.”

Anna, London, UK


“Dear Mei & Dazhu, thank you for your everlasting patience and kind hospitality.  I’ve only been here for a week but learnt so much and really relaxed after a busy few months working in Beijing!  You’re both so kin; have let me into your family and your passion for teaching clearly shines through in your work.  Oh and you are both amazing cooks! I can’t wait to return and stay in your gorgeous new school.”

Hannah, London, UK


“We have enjoyed a very relaxing and peaceful stay in beautiful surroundings.  The acomodation and food is good.  The training is very instructive and we had a good time, experience and lots of homework.  We will be back for the rest of the movements.  Thank you very much and see you again.”

Eugene & Yeen, New Zealand


“We spent two weeks here to learn Tai Chi.  We had a great time.  Thank you a lot for all the lessons and the great food, your hospitality and a great experience!”

Maritza & Arjan, Holland