Getting to Long Tou Shan Tai Chi School

Yangshuo, Gaungxi, ChinaGetting to Long Tou Shan school is not too difficult. The school is in Guangxi province, in south China – west of Guangdong province and Hong Kong, north of Vietnam. The gateway to the area is the city of Guilin (桂林), with full air and train services. The nearest town is Yangshuo (阳朔), and the school itself is near the JiaoBaLin Ping Ling (蕉芭林平岭) village.

Because the school is in the countryside away from the main roads, we suggest you phone us (187 7830 3758) to come pick you up in Yangshuo when you arrive.  From Guilin we can give you instructions for the public bus (about 25 Yuan) from Guilin to Yangshuo where we can pick you up, or we can arrange a taxi direct to the school from the airport or train station (250 Yuan to the driver).”

To get to the school if you have your own transportation we will try to help but as the building is new we don’t have all our maps made and signs at the many turns from Yangshuo yet. The GPS coordinates are: 24°50’18″N, 110°29’37″E.  By bicycle it is a lot of uphill but lovely. By car or motorbike it’s about 25 minutes.

Guilin has a few international air connections to Southeast Asia (Seoul and Kuala Lumpur), but most people arrive in China by way of one of the major China gateways including Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. To get to the school, it depends where you are coming from:


From outside China

Arriving in Hong Kong: From Hong-Kong, you can take a plane directly to Guilin Airport. However, it will probably be cheaper to first enter mainland China at Shenzhen.

A pleasant way to do this is by taking a water taxi which will transfer you directly from the airport to Shenzen where you will find a bus waiting to take you to the airport. You can even check your bags in advance.

Alternatively you can cross the border into mainland China by catching a KCR train from Tsim Tsa Shui (Kowloon) to Lo Wu, Shenzhen’s border (less than one hour). Or you also can go directly to Guangzhou by taking an express train from Hung Hom train station in Kowloon, or by bus from the airport.

From elsewhere in China, you can take a plane directly to Guilin Airport from most mainland cities. There are also overnight train services in China which are also excellent, cheaper and a fine way to meet local people.


From Guilin to Yangshuo

A Li River Boat Cruise: is the classic way to arrive in Yangshuo and you will be following in the footsteps of such notables as Deng Xiaoping, Richard Nixon, Jiang Zemin and Bill Clinton. It takes a few hours and costs from 200 to 400 RMB. You can transfer directly to boat docks from either Guilin airport or railway station.

Once you are in Yangshuo: the town is just minutes from the school and accessible by bus, taxi, moto taxi (motorbike) or bicycle. Once you are in Yangshuo, contact us and we can meet you in town. The school is located in Chao Long Village (朝龙), and if you want to come by yourself you can take a moto taxi or a bicycle to get there, about 10 minutes.

From Guilin airport: You can take a airport bus to downtown Guilin, where there are bus connections to Yangshuo. We can also send a taxi to collect you  from the airport and take you directly to the school for 350 RMB. For this we will need your name and flight number in advance.

From Guilin bus and train stations and Yangshuo train station: Buses for Yangshuo leave regularly from Guilin’s train and bus stations. Tickets are between 15 and 20 RMB depending on the bus type. Be sure to get off at Yangshuo bus station, the last stop – not at the petrol/gas station.  We also can arrange taxis from these stations for 250-300 RMB.  From Yangshuo high-speed train station, which is 40 minutes outside Yangshuo, we can send a taxi for you.  The taxi fare from this station is 220 RMB.


From Elsewhere in China

From Shenzhen: Sleeper buses leave every evening for Yangshuo, from the Shenzhen bus station at the border with Hong Kong. Prices are between 100 and 250 RMB. Chinese sleeper buses are recommended only for the seasoned traveler on a tight budget. You can also go to Guilin more comfortably by sleeper train (one per day at about 5 PM) or by plane.

From Zhuhai / Macao: Some night buses leave every evening for Yangshuo from Zhuhai, on Macao’s border. Prices are between 100 and 250 RMB. You can also go to Guilin by plane.

From Guangzhou: You can take a night bus to Yangshuo for between 100 and 250 RMB, or take a sleeper train to Guilin from the main train station (be careful, it is not the one where you’ll arrive if you come from Hong Kong). You can also take a plane to Guilin .


There is more comprehensive information on how to get to and from Yangshuo available on this web site: Yangshuo Insider