Spring Has Arrived at Long Tou Shan

Spring Has Arrived at Long Tou Shan

Spring has arrived at Long Tou Shan!

The kumquat harvest in the countryside around our retreat is taking place as spring weather warms up everything. Students from Europe and North America are here practicing Qigong and Tai Chi and enjoying the peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of daily lives back home.

Masters Mei and Dazhu will be at Long Tou Shan teaching throughout 2016. Also, Mei will conduct a qigong retreat from May 16 to 21, providing interested students an understanding of Chen-style Tai Chi and Qigong. A full description of the program for the retreat is upcoming in a later post.

Mei and Dazhu would like to share some comments from students at the school this month:

In these modern times the latest discoveries of quantum physics are explaining to us that everything in this universe (including the universe itself) is energy. Not only humans, animals, plants, stones, water and air, latest discoveries show us that words, or even just thoughts are nothing but fields of energy. Ancient civilizations knew about this long ago, and they were paying attention to this most important fact: how to connect our energy to endless universal energy, and not to be isolated from it, but to become one with the universe!!!

Fortunately for us they left this knowledge to certain people and they were passing it from generation to generation. All our lives we felt like something is missing, that we are not complete and even as we have everything we felt deep down that we have nothing. When we reached a critical point in our lives, and after we explored all possibilities, but nothing helped, we finally came to these keepers of ancient knowledge. They are the ones who teach us how to reconnect to universal energy, how to be again there where we always belonged!! Two of these teachers are Mei and her son Dazhu. I’m not going to speak about their huge knowledge and simplicity of transferring that knowledge to you, I will say only this: consider yourself very lucky to be at this place. Of course to receive their knowledge you need to be open-minded, and very patient, otherwise despite their knowledge doors of the universe will remain closed forever! After almost two months of being here I can say that the power of Tai Chi is endless, but to get to that point you need to enjoy Qigong every morning!!

Thank you Mei, thank you Dazhu, and thanks to all other members of their family for the great hospitality…. It was my privilege to be here among these people and embrace their knowledge.

Zan Duras
Dubrovnik, Croatia
6 March 2016


Down the valley, the Li River flows
My mind down its alley,
Comes and goes….
My heart beats with the trees,
Its rhythm glows with the breeze.
Up on the mountain of Long Tou,
Mei and Dazhu are waiting for you!
I found love and Qi in Guangzhou,
Taiji and Qigong in Yangshuo,
From Beijing to Guilin,
No one cooks like Huang Xiu Qin.
Your brother,

Louis Pidgeon
Ottawa, Canada
7 March 2016

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