Learning at Long Tou Shan Tai Chi School

Long Tou Shan Tai Chi School offers classes in traditional Chen and Yang Style Tai Chi and Qigong. Classes are deliberately kept quite small so that everyone gets the attention they need. With two instructors available, there will usually be lessons available to suit the needs of every student whatever your age, fitness or level of experience.

Our program consists of four to five hours of Tai Chi and Qigong practice each day, six days per week.  Sundays are time off for all students.  Tai chi sword and fan lessons are also offered to any student who is interested in learning these arts.  School facilities are open for individual practice at any time.

Students can start at any time, any day of the week or month of the year.  There are no fixed course schedules, and with small classes and multiple instructors, we can adapt to the level of each student with individual attention, including those who have never practiced before.

Basic taijiquan depends on knowing what the movements are used for, the interdependence of hardness and softness, and the use of the soft to overcome the hard.  We will discover the secret of Yin and Yang movements in taijiquan: graceful, like floating clouds and flowing water, natural and smooth; the instinctive use of energy and breathing to fully attain relaxation and vitality and improve balance and sensitivity.  This leads the Qi (life energy) and blood to flow more smoothly, clearing the meridians of obstructions to health. Blood is the mother of the Qi.

A typical lesson will begin with a set of warmup exercises, and then will run through the basic step, the foundation of all tai chi forms.  Qigong will be practiced as this is the internal basis for Tai Chi and is essential to learning the flow of Qi (energy), and reaching greater relaxation in the body and mind.  Achieving a high level of Tai Chi proficiency is not possible without an understanding of Qigong.  Then we will explore the Chen or Yang Style Tai Chi form, depending on the student’s interests.

All the movements in a short form can be learned at a basic level in two or three weeks, but from there it is the beginning of a life-long journey to explore and improve these movements with greater understanding of Qigong until they are done smoothly and most effectively.  While a form does not take too long to learn, it takes quite a long time to master, but while doing so every step of the way is more rewarding and beneficial to health and well-being.

In addition to the Qigong and Tai Chi lessons offered at the school, lessons in Chinese language, cooking, massage, calligraphy and other cultural activities can be arranged outside the school or in some cases instructors can come to the school to teach.  These lessons are typically in the region of around 100-120 RMB for a one hour lesson.