Floating over Yangshuo - photos by Karl Willson

Floating over Yangshuo – photos by Karl Willson

We recently came across these incredible photographs of Yangshuo taken from a balloon by a photographer from Portsmouth, UK.  Karl Willson’s photographs truly capture the spectacular beauty of the landscape around Yangshuo.  Though the Long Tou Shan Tai Chi School is not quite as high up the mountain as this balloon you get some pretty good views of the mountains especially during sunrise and sunset. Thanks to Karl, you can see the whole area from the air in these stunning vistas. The photos were uploaded to National Geographic’s “Your Shot” photo community and were hand picked by the channel’s editors as examples of big, bold and expert photography.

Photographs by KARL WILLSON


Yangshuo view

The view over Yangshuo from a balloon


Yangshuo descent

Descent over Yangshuo


Yanghsuo floating

Floating over Yangshuo


We hope you enjoy these amazing photographs as much as we did.

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